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Thugs, hoodrats, goons – we have several titles for them. We judge them based on the way they dress, talk, and the music they listen too. We think we know all of their futures – death or prison. But often these young men are judged by the cover painted on them by society. In this novel series, Tyson Anthony introduces us to six young men who lives are interconnected and vital to each other’s future. They travel this journey of life together – sharing their ups, downs, and – each other.

Fatherly Figure

Blue Lives Matter. It’s a phrase Rockwell and his big brother James hear often being the sons of a cop. But their father happens to be one of the many violent and crooked cops in the town of Ellenwood. Rockwell grew up following his brother every where around the hood but as he gets older he begins to discover some dark things about Ellenwood on his own.

Keep Him Happy

Keep Him Happy. It’s a simple request. But we all know how difficult men could be – or people in general. And we join Lamar as he begins to learn just that. His young heart has always been set on the country where he visits his grandmother every summer with his cousins. But as different men begin to enter his life – some of their charming and foolish ways tug at and harden his heart. Lamar’s journey over these three summers is an erotic one you would expect from Tyson Anthony.

Let It Burn

Troy is holding onto a match. And with the wrong move he can end up torching his career in the kitchen, his romantic life with a med student named Nick, and his relationship with his eight-year-old son. So many depend on Troy, especially his family who count on him to keep their restaurant from going up in smoke. But Troy has his own problems to worry about. Because when he’s not working on his next savory dish – he’s crawling into bed with every other man besides his boyfriend.

About Him

All of Damien’s focus is on him. Every thought. Every action. Is all about him. His touch. His kiss. His tongue. But Damien’s focus alters as he leaves home for the first time with little knowledge of how to manage what he’s feeling on the inside. His father and older brother blind to his sexuality, like most, Damien must learn the ways of the gay life with little guidance. The drama. The sex. The regrets. But there’s always a way out. There’s always him.

About Him Too

Kwame is a nice guy living in a world that can get pretty mean. We meet Kwame as he enters adulthood post his first serious relationship. And along with new responsibilities, co-worker drama, and stepping back out into the dating world, he also has to deal with the challenge of having to get over his ex turned best friend.

Sons of Hip-Hop

Trill is your All-American gangster rapper, left fatherless following the death of an hip-hop legend. He’s nineteen, temperamental, and finds himself in the middle of a national controversy after he lays hands on a basketball star whose been branded a “good black man” in the eyes of the media. This is a beef Trill can’t solve with a diss track or a tweet.

Like Me. Love Me.

Ford's search for companionship is one of the areas of his life that suffers most. He has a great job-two actually, a supportive family, but still finds himself alone in bed every night. Ford in a way is dating though. He has Krist, his childhood friend with benefits - a spoiled rich boy who’s focused on finding mister right and wealthy. And then there’s Akeem, the new guy – a boy from the hood who claims to often have Ford on his mind yet refuses to barely be intimate with him in the bedroom.


Welcome to Riverbed, the black capital of Connecticut. Riverbed is a town where those with money, knowledge, and an unshakable faith in the lord, all constantly battle to remain on top. There's nothing more important than reputation in this elite town. We meet Tye, whose naked truth has been exposed to all of those who thought they knew him. His father’s reputation and career ruined, Tye finds himself working hard beside the man to restore both of their names.


Maven’s life revolves around two things, his family and sex. Convicted not only delivers the story of Maven, but also of his mother, father, brother, and the many more members of his family who all brings along plenty of drama. The newest member of Maven’s already big family is Kam. Kam is an ex-convict with a troubled past, jaw dropping presence, and is the mentee of Maven’s father. Things are bound to get interesting when Kam moves into the room directly beside Maven’s.

Hood Goods

A young eighteen year old learns that some boys in the hood are simply just goods to wealthy men in the area. It's a tale that truly questions how much you value your self worth. Are you worth a pair of jeans, brand new car, weekend away, or simply priceless? This coming of age tale takes a dark look inside the high value world of goods in the hood.

Fucking Special

After barely escaping the attack of a mysterious stalker in a trench coat, Shane meets and is invited to the apartment of a handsome diner waiter named Brent. As the night progresses, Shane soon learns that not only is Brent, but also the waiter’s temper mental roommate and fellow tenants of the apartment tower, are a bit fucking special in their own unique ways.

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